Nature Play Cards – Soundsations

Cassie is always begging to get outdoors – and I mean literally begging. She will wake up in the morning and the first thing she will ask me is, “Can I play outside?” If I say no, then she will literally stand at our front door, asking me when we can leave. I occasionally get the hint that I am ‘boring’ her, but I also feel she is just a nature girl – unlike her Mama. That’s why I was so excited to receive some beautiful Nature Play Prompts from Soundsations.

In our case, it wasn’t Cassie who needed the inspiration to get out and enjoy some fresh air, it was me, and these cards were the perfect tool. They arrive beautifully presented in their own reusable bag, in a pack of 30 doubled-sided cards. One side has the name of the activity on it, while the other side shares how to go about it. From nature shakers to bird feeders, grass heads, flower crowns, I spy, colour hunts and more, Cassie has even more reason to want to get outside, and I love joining her now – knowing I am not going to spend my whole time pushing her on the swing.

It is also the perfect chance for us to bond – without me having to think or plan. Life has certainly changed with the arrival of Vivi, making it harder for me to plan activities for Cassie, or get out of the house as much as we would both like to. But Vivi does sitting up in her carrier and watching everything Cassie does, so this is a perfect opportunity for us to put our shoes on and walk across the road to the park. Each day I let Cassie pick a new card and we give at a go!


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