spinkle star pillow

Neapolitan Homewares – Girls Décor

Written by Danielle Watkins

Neapolitan Homewares is a concept stores filled with items that could complete all rooms of your home. Their children’s range is particularly beautiful with plenty of unique items to give your child’s space that special touch.

spinkle star pillow

I used several items from Neapolitan Homewares to give Harper’s room that finished feel. The first was a silver Spinkie Baby star pillow. When dressing a bed it is important to different shapes and textures- this pillow did just that and it is still soft and cuddly! I often catch Harper laying her dolls on it or walking about the house cuddling it.

pom pom garland

Next, I included a Spinkie Baby pom garland to Harper’s canopy. The canopy looked pretty on it’s own but I felt it needed a little something more. The pom garland finished it off perfectly. This garland is made from super soft tulle making it gentle on little fingers.

For something a little different I used some Isla Dream decals in a house shadow box I already had. The decals come on an A4 sheet and are removable and reusable so I can move them down the track if necessary. The A4 sheet includes a fairy who stands about 20cm high, a mushroom, a couple of flowers and lots of rose petals. Harper loves how the decals in the shadow box and calls it her fairy garden! She loves playing with her animals in there.

The last item from Neapolitan Homewares is a Spinkie Baby Damselfly- a woodland fairy- a beautiful keepsake doll. She lives on one of Harper’s cube shelves on the wall but is bought down for play when Harper requests it. She loves this doll and seemed to just know how special she is! She tells me how soft her hair is and how lovely her wings are. The doll is about 35cms tall and is a perfect gift for any little girl.


With Christmas just around the corner Neapolitan Homewares is the perfect place to shop to get more than one gift for the family! Karen, who runs the store has wonderful customer service and is just an all round lovely person. She is also offering followers of my Instagram page- @dayswithtwo 15% off until the end of December. Visit my page to find the code in my highlights section!


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