Noble Cubs – Colouring In Mat

We do a lot of road trips and flights as we have family and friends spread around the place, and Reuben and I spend a lot of time in cafes, so we are always looking for great fun toys and activities that are transportable and small to take with us when we head out or on a trip. I came across the Noble Cubs colouring in mat and knew we had to have one. Reuben enjoys colouring in and drawing so we thought this would be a great handbag size item for him, that is much lighter than carrying paper and pens around. The Colouring in mat is washable and therefore reusable, meaning he can perfect the way he wants it coloured. It is great for playing I-Spy with and also for learning colours and words.

Noble Cubs has created these unique mats in a range of themes including this new Great Barrier Reef theme which is perfect for my aquarium and Nemo mad child. They also come in designs such as unicorns, dinosaurs, farmyard, Paris, construction and the list goes on! There is a theme for every child. You can also buy extra mats that clip into the folder so no one gets bored with one theme. The mats come with 5 washable coloured markers so that this present is complete, and being compact would be a great one to post to kids for Christmas or birthdays if you can’t see them in person. The mats just get put in the washing machine when the child is done colouring, and the marker washes off, dry them and they are ready to be used again!

Great for the environment, great for packing in the handbag or suitcase, helps develop gross motor and language skills – Noble Cubs Colouring in mats – Stylish, fun and functional.


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