Our Little Ladies’ Closets – Preloved Girls Clothing

This great Facebook group will open you up to the world of handmade beauties and other preloved girls clothing for the best prices around.

When I found out I was expecting my first little girl, I had no idea about the world of tutus, high end fashion, headbands and more I was about to be thrown into. In that instance, all my dreams came true. After growing up with three brothers, I was having a little pink bundle of my own and it seemed so surreal.

We found out through a blood test at just 14 weeks, and it’s safe to say the shopping started straight away. While there was plenty of gorgeous things to choose from the in the stores, I got bored of the choices pretty quickly. Plus, walk into a big department store and for a proper brand you are looking at paying up to $50 for a dress that they would grow out of in a month or two. I couldn’t justify it.

I stuck in out on my local buy/swap/sell pages to see what bargains I could grab and even managed to pull a few from eBay. Then suddenly Cassie was here and a friend from mothers’ group introduced me to the online Australian handmade world. Where had you been the past nine months! Dresses galore gorgeously and loving crafted by other mums – so many different patterns, styles and choices. Cute little bonnets, animal socks, frilly stockings… I was heaven. My bank account – not so much.

That’s when I was introduced to a fabulous second hand page: Our Little Ladies’ Closets. It is full of mummas with the same gorgeous taste in handmade clothing, selling off the sizes that are too small so you can catch a bargain, and then return the favour when your little one outgrows them.

I have had so much fun on this page, and my friend’s often comment at the amount of “solds” they see coming from me. But I can’t help it. With one daughter already here and another on the way, I have two very good reasons to keep shopping. Plus, if you think about it, I am really saving money…


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