Padded Play Mat – Munchkin and Bear

So here’s the fact: I live in a fully-carpeted apartment. It is possibly one of the dumbest decisions we ever made pre-baby. I’m not exaggerating – every inch of our apartment is carpeted, including the dining room. It was new carpet when we moved in too. Then our sweet little baby grew from little blob to ranging, eating, messy toddler and nothing and nowhere was sacred, including the carpet. It has scared me off doing plenty of activities with her. Things like playdoh and painting and colouring have been banned from our house, because they are just too messy. Then we came across Munchkin & Bear’s gorgeous play mats and I was sold.

There’s something you need to know about me. I HATE bright kids’ things (think toys, blankets, anything licensed, play mats, sheets, etc) and plastic toys. Just never been a big fan. I have seen plenty of play mats in the past with ABC plastered all over them, along with trucks, cars, cute little animals and more. But the fact is, our kids have already taken over our apartment, I don’t want my eyes to hurt every time I walk in that door. And that’s why these amazing play mats are a Godsend. They are both stylish and practical and are the perfect addition to our lounge room. Cassie can sit down and eat on it (without being yelled at for dropping a crumb), Vivi can roll around and drink a bottle on it (without worrying about spilling it everywhere). We even now have playdoh in our house and Cassie just can’t get enough.

Each mat is nice and padded, making it extra soft for walking and rolling around on, and they are all double sided. You can choose from a range of amazing colours, such as navy, light blue, grey, pink and more.


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