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Paw Patrol DVDs

Paw Patrol, to the rescue!

I can’t count how many times I have heard this phrase uttered in our home as the girls run off to help save their toys from yet another unfortunate adventure.

So you can only imagine Cassie’s excitement when we were given some Paw Patrol DVDs to take a look at.

She started off watching ‘Sea Patrol’ as she just loves underwater creatures and there is an octopus on the front cover, so she was hooked! Cassie loved watching the Paw Patrol team save Captain. After the show was finished she explained to me: “The octupus’ leg went on the Captain’s boat, so Paw Patrol had to come rescue. The mummy octopus thought the baby octopus was on the boat!”.

There are six different adventures kids can go on in this DVD, but Cassie just wanted to sit there and watch the Octopus over and over.

Next up was ‘Ready, Race, Rescue’, which as you can guess, was all about cars! Now this one is in fact a movie. We put it on for quiet time during the day and Cassie got very into it. She wasn’t a big fan of The Cheetah (accordingly named for his cheating ways) and called me over to watch some with her, but *spoiler alert* there isn’t much Paw Patrol can’t handle!

The final DVD was ‘Spring Into Action’. This actually opened up a whole conversation around different seasons, as the episodes are all based in Spring! Cassie loved learning about seasons so much, she took it to daycare and asked to learn more and instigated a lesson there. The DVD has another 7 episodes to be enjoyed, with plenty of outdoor, flowery adventures.

If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer this Christmas, then head over to check them out.

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