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I breastfed my first son Reuben until 17 months, and am now 10 weeks into the breastfeeding journey with Angus. With Reuben I wore breastfeeding singlets with jumpers or tshirts over the top, and this worked well, but then when I had to go to work events with Reuben or needed to do some travel I wanted something nicer and came up with nothing. Thankfully in the meantime Peachymama has been established and specialises in breastfeeding friendly clothing. They have a range of top, bottoms and dresses suited to mum life, whether you are looking for something formal or casual or anywhere in between that is totally adapted to making your new mum body look good, feel comfortable and easy and discreet to breastfeed in.

I had been looking for some clothes that were suited to plane travel – my requirements were breastfeeding friendly, would keep me at a good temperature with air conditioning blasting in the plane, but not too warm as I would have Angus sitting on me. Easily able to feed in and discreet so if Angus was feeding for most of the flight my seat companions weren’t stuck staring at my breast, nor would I get cold from having it hanging out! In looking for the perfect top, I also came across the most amazing pair of pants. The top I chose is the long sleeve nursing top – it has long sleeves to keep me warm, and a full second top layer rather than the more common half layers to keep me toasty warm on my flight. It also means that it doesn’t look at all like a breastfeeding top. The material is ridiculously soft and skims my body in a very flattering way, the top layer is slightly heavier meaning it hangs beautifully – and a huge positive for me it is wash and wear, no ironing needed. I happily wore this top to a work meeting and felt very presentable.

peachymama breastfeeding

What turned out to be the bigger surprise were the pants – in looking for a top I stumbled across the Peachymama High waisted post maternity jeans – when they arrived I wasn’t sure they would look great on me. They are a stretch material, I am not sure I would call them a jean – a stretch pant or jeggings would be a closer term, and I am not one to wear “tights as pants” as my husband likes to say, and I feel like I am definitely wearing real pants when wearing these. They do everything you want a pant to do after you have had kids – hold in your tummy while not being restrictive, stretch nicely so you can bend down to put on the toddlers shoes, or sit on the ground for a picnic or to breastfeed at the park, and like a great pair of lycra fitness pants they hug and lift your bottom while minimising your thighs. I have no idea how they do all this while also being great for casual to work ready attire but they are amazing and they come in a range of colours. People have been stopping me at the park and airport to ask where I got them, which 10 weeks post partum is VERY flattering!!! I love my new pants! Check out Peachymama to see what other great products they have.

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