Gumnut Bubs – Personalised Baby Bracelet

Let’s get personal. Seriously, is there anything cuter than personalised baby items? Maybe it’s just me, but honestly, I am a sucker for them. They ALWAYS get comments from people, plus I love getting something made that is just for Cassie. It makes it that extra bit special. When I first came across this gorgeous personalised baby bracelet from Gumnut Bubs, I didn’t hesitate. They were so reasonably priced, I knew even my husband wouldn’t have a problem with the purchase.

Still today, it is one of my favourite baby items of hers. It is a tiny little bracelet that fit her (kind of) chubby little wrist at six months when we first got it. At first, she love trying to play with it and work out what it was – she was used to me dressing her up but this was a whole new level for her! Eventually she left it alone and it was the perfect little accessory. Everywhere we went people we stopping to compliment us on the little bracelet.

Cassie is now almost two and still loves it just as much, except now I am scared we are going to lose it somewhere along the way because she likes taking it off just a little too much.

I know down the track when friends have babies, I will be purchasing a few of these bracelets. They are well-priced and feel a little bit special as well, making them the perfect gift for a little person you love.


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