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Isla And The Fox – Personalised Baby Mug

Cassie loves a babycino – and I mean love. Even more now she has her own sweet little personalised baby mug. As her mum, I love that she loves them. After all, they are just frothed milk. Well, at least the ones we make her are. I can’t vouch for the marshmallows, 100s & 1000s and other goodies that get served up with them while out.

I am a big coffee drinker. I need it to get through the day, and on the weekends both my husband and I enjoy a mid-morning coffee together. Luckily we have a great coffee machine that can also make frothed milk. This means that Cassie joins in as well, and happily downs her babycino while we enjoy our coffees. It’s a great moment we share together each weekend and Cassie comes running when she hears the coffee machine going.

When I saw this gorgeous Babycino set from Isla And The Fox, I just knew Cassie had to have it. And for a bargain $20 – why not! We only use it at home (don’t worry, we don’t bring Cassie’s personalised mug out to cafes with us), but we have had a blast with it. Her shirt on the other hand makes it out to the cafes and the staff truely love it.

We bought her a size 2, just so we are guaranteed plenty of wear out of this goodie, and just to avoid the future fights down the track, I know I am going to have to get number 2 a set of her very own when she is old enough to join in.


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