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Personalised Box – Kube Boxes

There is something extra special about a personalised gift, and when I came across these gorgeous wooden boxes with the child’s name across them, I fell in love. These personalised boxes from Kube Boxes make the perfect keepsake for a special child in your life, and it’s something Elliot will be able to treasure for years to come.

One of the best parts about pregnancy is putting together a room, or a special space for my pending arrival. If I am honest with you, I am not the biggest fan of pregnancy, so by focusing on something fun and special for the baby, it takes my mind off everything else and gets me excited about meeting our little addition to the family.

Elliot is our first boy after two girls, which made putting together his space a whole new ball game. I was used to flowers and fairies and pinks and purples, and suddenly I had a little boy to shop for. This gorgeous keepsake box has made the perfect feature piece in his bedroom, greeting people with his name as soon as you walk in. We get so many compliments on, and I love just how unique and special it is.

While Elliot is only a couple of weeks old, we are using the box to store things that are special to him, like his announcement card from hospital and special messages from friends and family.

The design of the box is so simple, yet so elegant, and it’s one that can grown with the child and the room over the years. The boxes come in a variety of different sizes and you can even choose the design of the letters that go onto it. Whether you are looking for a toy box, a keepsake box, or simply a statement piece for your little one’s room or toy room, these boxes are ideal.


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