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Picos Backpack – PacaPod

Nappy Bags have been the bane of my existence as a parent. I could never quite get the right combination of practical, stylish and fits all our things- especially our cloth nappies which take up a decent amount of room. The bags that worked best were open style shoulder bags, but this meant that I could never find what am need quickly as things disappear into the Bermuda triangle of the bag. We also like to wear our boys, so that means a backpack is often the most practical style of bag for us especially for a full day out. Then we found out we were heading to Europe and I knew we needed a bag that was super functional, that we could pack for the whole day, and that would be easy for Aaron or I to use. That is when I discover the Picos Backpack by PacaPod. PacaPod are famous for the ‘pods’ within their bags. They are a packing system that allows you to have set areas for things making the bags practical, and you also have the ability of just taking a pod out with you for a quick trip.

The Picos backpack is a spacious bag, that looks good on. We have already had a few people comment on it. Inside the Picos are 2 pods – an insulated pod for bottles or for us we are using it as Reuben’s lunch and snack bag on this trip, and a nappy changing pod. The nappy pod contains a wet bag for any mishaps and a change mat in a special pocket. We have been able to fit in the nappy pod 3 disposable nappies for each of the boys, a packet of wipes, nappy bags and hand sanitiser. The beauty of this pod is that we have also just grabbed the pod and taken it with us if we didn’t want the whole backpack, for instance on the airplane we could just take the pod into the toilet to change a dirty nappy rather than the whole bag.

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The Picos backpack has adjustable straps meaning it comfortably fits Aaron or I, a chest strap for comfortable wearing all day, the Picos is wipeable and the back section has breathable material to help avoid the dreaded sweaty dripping back. It also can be clipped onto your pram. The inside of the Picos fits the two pods, plus extra space, and there is a wipeable pocket that is good for storing dirty clothes or we are using it to store a clean change of clothes for each boy. On the front of the bag is a zip section that is a great space for keeping my things handy and accessible. There is a bottle holder on each side of the bag, which is nice and deep for holding various size bottles or coffee cups. The final two things i love are there is a little zip pouch attached to the outside of the bag which could be detached and used for coins or the like but we have Angus’ dummy in there; and a belt of sorts at the bottom front of the bag which is great for holding a raincoat or jacket when you get too hot!

Can’t speak highly enough of the Picos Backpack by PacaPod – they really have thought of everything.

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