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Travelling with babies and kids is often very daunting. When you think about the amount of ‘stuff’ they need: multiple outfits (heaven forbid they poonami while you are away), bibs, hats, cot, pram, carseat… the list goes on and on and even packing can seem too hard. Then try travelling with multiple children. You not only have to juggle each child, but also all the suitcases that come with them. That’s when I found out about these genius packing pods from Plane Pal.

We recently went on a family trip to Fiji with our three kids: Cassie (3.5), Vivi (1.5) and Elliot (5 weeks). There was so much to think about packing and we set aside one suitcase for the kids. It was Summer after all, so we figured their clothes wouldn’t take up much space. The packing pods made this even easier. I set aside one of the big pods per kid and put all their outfits into one side, then socks and undies in the other. Zipped these up and they went straight into the suitcase!

travel bags

It meant when we got to Fiji, I didn’t have to unpack! I simply took the pods out and placed them into a cupboard for easy access, and I knew where each kids’ clothes were and nothing got mixed. It was honestly so incredibly easy, I can’t recommend them enough. Even better, when it came time to pack up and head home, I just zipped each pod up and popped it in the suitcase. Done!

We also set aside pods for other items, such as swimmers, hats, chargers (for their electronics), spare clothes for the plane and more. Everything had a place, and I knew exactly where to find it, with no lose bits floating about. That’s my kind of heaven.

The other must-have item for us this trip was our double stroller. With Elliot just 5 weeks old, I wanted to be able to transport him around the resort in a safe sleeping space – our pram. Then of course Vivi could jump in the bottom for the ride as well. I have never taken a double stroller overseas with us before, but it was easier than ever with the pram bag. You can pack the pieces into the one bag (so for us, this meant the base and the bassinet), and ensure it arrives at your destination with minimal damage and in one piece.

I wrote our name on the front and it made travel so easy. We placed the pram in, took it over to oversized baggage and away it went. At the other end, I took the pram out straight away to use it, and the bag folded up nice and small in the bottom of the pram for safe keeping.

Travelling with kids is never easy, but having the right products can make such a big difference.


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