Phil n Teds – Poppy Highchair

When it came to buying a high chair for Cassie, I wasn’t looking at spending too much. In fact, I had seriously considered just opting for the IKEA option: a simple plastic chair that can be wiped down easily. My years of nannying had taught me one essential: padding and high chairs do not go hand in hand. You can just picture the months’ worth of food building up in the cracks you can’t get to with a simple wipe. This though horrified me. Yet the mum in me also wanted something that was a little bit funky that I liked as well, so I went on the hunt.

The Phil n Teds Poppy high chair fit all the criteria for me, and to this day we still love it. It is so simple and easy to wipe down, great for getting Cassie to sit up straight (meaning her airways are open for food), comes in a variety of awesome colours for you to match to your décor and isn’t too expensive. Even better, it converts to a toddler seat. When the time came for Cassie to sit at a kids’ table, we set her up with her Phil n Teds seat and she was ready to go. It was so nice not to have to go out and buy more clutter for the house while working out where to store the high chair for baby number two.

When it needs a big clean, we simply take it outside, strip it down and hose away. Cassie loves this part the most and likes to help out in the process. It makes sure any food is well and truly gone before we bring it back inside again.

High chairs really are a necessity with little kids, but let’s face it, little kids are grubby when it comes to food and we don’t want to spend too much on something that will become an art medium. Now we have number two on the way we looking at getting a second one, so Cassie and her sister can have matching seats as they get older.



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