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Teebee – Portable Toy Box

Christmas and summer holidays means for many families extended periods of travel whether by car, plane, bus or train! Alot of parents worst nightmare is the thought of occupying their child on these long trips without always resorting to tv. We went on a summer holiday to Coffs Harbour last week with our 2 kids. It was 6.5hrs of driving,  and the longest drive we had attempted with both boys.The night before the trip we handed Reuben his new Teebee toy box and let him fill it with the toys he wanted for the car. What a great find!!!

The Teebee box fit a decent amount of duplo, a few cars and some Octonuat toys. The Teebee is a portable, compact toy box which features a deep bottom level perfect for blocks, and a top level with sorting tray and a Lego plate. The box is an interesting triangular shape box which fit perfectly between the Reuben’s legs while sitting in his car seat and when open the lids transform in to a lap tray perfect for playing! It would also work really well with crayons or pencils as alap tray for drawing.

We normally wouldn’t let duplo or Lego in the car as Reuben would drop them and get frustrated, but being able to pop the pieces in and out of the deep tub and snap then onto the tray worked better than we had hoped.

Being made from very robust food safe and BPA free materials it could also double as a big snack orlunch box perfect for a trip to the beach. Deep enough that sand would not fly straight in. Being so robust and well made with a carry handle that can also clip onto a seatbelt I think the Teebee toy box will last many many plane, train and car trips for both our boys!


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