Babyowl Pram Accessories – Pram Leathers

The first thing you will discover as you become a parent, is that your pram will be one of your most-used accessories (along with your baby carrier depending on your preference). When I went shopping for our pram, a lot of thought went into what I wanted and pram leathers were the furthest thing from my mind.

We had a price limit set, which helped us focus our efforts and we had some necessary requirements. For example, I knew I wanted children relatively close together, which meant a single pram that could turn into a double down the track was a necessity. I wanted it to be easy to fold and fit in the car, with a decent sunshade to protect the baby and able to fit a capsule on top as well.

After all these requirements had been met, it left little room for being picky over the look of the pram. Overall though, we were both (my husband and I, happy with what we ended up with). Then I discovered the world of pram leathers and pram liners and realised I could customise my pram to look exactly how I wanted. To say I was excited was an understatement.

The leathers add a classy look and the contrasting colour not only pops on the pram, but makes it super comfy to push as well. Cassie loves playing with the zip on the handle bar, and it actually keeps her occupied when we are browsing the shops, so that’s a win/win for me. With matching pram liners as well, I finally have my dream pram. Now to work out how to keep the kids from getting it too dirty…


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