Pre-walker Shoes – Kit and Kate

The girls’ feet are constantly growing and it can be hard to keep up with it. When Cassie was a little baby, we didn’t start with shoes until winter time when it got cool and I wanted to keep her feet as warm as possible. But good shoes with proper support for those pre-walker days can be hard to find. You want something that fits perfectly, is breathable for little feet, soft-soled to help them find their balance and get use to standing and eventually taking steps on different grounds, and looking nice is an added bonus. The gorgeous shoes at Kit and Kate covers all of this.

Their beautiful, handmade natural leather shoes are so easy to slip on and off, but they sit on perfectly on your little one’s feet, allowing them to kick, stomp and crawl away without feeling like they are dragging something behind them (and they don’t come off easily either which is an essential for those pram trips!). The soft leather moulds to your little one’s foot over time, becoming the best fit for them.

As an added bonus Kit and Kate have an amazing range of designs and colour choices to suit all tastes and needs. I am just in love the with Rose Gold pair we received for Vivi, as it will match so nicely with most of her wardrobe and add a splash of colour to finish it off. Next step is the Brooklyn Hi Tops with the cheetah pattern to add a touch of edge to her wardrobe. Even better, you can also get the shoes monogramed with your child’s initials to add that personal touch! So cute!


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