pretend makeup

Pretend Makeup

Cassie is a big fan of pretend play. She was so great at mimicking me when Vivi was first born, changing and feeding her own dollies and giving them plenty of cuddles. This love has only grown over the years and she is inquisitive about everything. Being a mum of two, the only time I find to get showered, make-up on and dressed in the morning is with both girls running around in my bedroom. They watch everything and Cassie started picking up my makeup brushes and copying what I was doing.

I decided to look into the world of pretend makeup to get her her very own (that didn’t have my make-up on it!). There were plenty of ‘kids’ versions, but at three and a half, there was no way I was trusting Cassie with ANYTHING that could potentially make a mess. This was just a big no for us – especially with Vivi running around as well. That’s when I came across Little Make-up Lovers.

Their sets are just divine and with so much choice. There’s eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polishes, blush, mascara… everything a little girl could need. Cassie was so thrilled when hers arrived and got stuck into it straight away. In face, she told me, “Mummy, can you please leave me alone so I can do my make-up by myself”.

We bring it out everywhere with us now, and it’s the perfect way to distract her during appointments and cafe playdates. Although we did have one incident where Vivi got her hands on the mascara and popped it in her mouth and a concerned mum watching thought it was real!

We get compliments wherever we go and people love that you actually can’t make a mess with it. We will definitely be adding to this collection!


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