Puzzle Culture

Reuben has just started getting into puzzles, and loves games and books. We love anything that is slightly educational and will keep him fairly quiet and occupied for a 10 minute block! That is when I discovered Puzzle Culture – an online children’s store that has a focus on promoting tolerance and acceptance and an understanding of the world we live in. They have curated a great collection of very unusual books, puzzles, games and craft – that are interactive and educational. I am often looking for quirky and unusual presents to buy kids and this store caters for 1 to 17 years old.

Reuben has been having great fun playing with “Colour Rings” – a game that utilises coloured rings of varying shapes and textures to complete a picture. There are 18 different activity pages in the kit, and 16 rings of various sizes, colours and textures. It is a combination of a game and a puzzle, aimed to help kids identify colours and sizes. It is really quite unique and I haven’t seen a game like it before. The activities broach a range of themes -so Reuben gravitated straight to the train card – even though the activities are graded for difficulty so you can challenge your child as they work out how to play the game properly.  

He also got a fantastic book called “Machines – A magic torch book”. While this book is aimed at an older audience approximately 5+ years old, Reuben is so very much into Fire Trucks, Helicopters and all things transport and machinery that he was quite fascinated with the book. Each page has a magic torch which the child can move around to show different parts of the machines, and the book is filled with a huge amount of fun facts on the various machines.

Going through Puzzle Cultures website, there are an array of fantastic products that I want to buy both for Reuben and for presents for various kids. I think next for Reuben will be Polar Adventure Sticker Book, Mighty Dinosaur Puzzle Sticks and On the Go Sea Mystery Magnetic Game!


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