My Clever Books – Quiet Books

We are always on the look out for very portable toys, game or books that we can take on our travels with us, or that will keep Reuben occupied and quiet while we are at appointments or even out at restaurants or cafes. If the item will last him more than one go, and is great for some form of learning then I get even more excited by it. So My Clever Books – Quiet Book are not only beautifully handmade, and cater for your child, but they will last many years and teach a whole range of skills to your child while keep them entertained and shhhh.. quiet!! Well in the case of my little chatterbox, it didn’t keep him quiet as he was so busy counting, and telling me all the things he was looking at while playing with it.

This is a really fantastic product. I can’t reiterate enough how well made it is. Everyone that has seen Reuben’s quiet book has asked about it. The pages we had made cater to his interests and fascinations at present, and build in activities on these pages that help him learn new skills – such as counting, bedtime routine, threading and about daily activities. Reuben’s pages include a boy in a bedroom, so he gets him up by turning the moon around to the sun, and gets him dressed for the day. He is particularly in love with the little boys tshirt which features a truck! We have a clock page that will help him learn to count and tell the time, and also has a range of daily activity tiles that can be placed around the clock like breakfast, play time, bath time etc. We have a threading game which leads a car into a garage – I have located the car all over my house, as Reuben has taken to carrying it around, but he surprised me by being very good at threading the rope through so the car could make it to the garage. And we have a train page that features a colour and counting game!

There are pages to appeal to every little child’s interests, and you can add more pages to your Quiet Book as your child grows. They are made with a minimum of 4 pages and a personalised cover, and suit 1-4 year olds. Reuben is 27 months, and is taking a lot of pleasure out of the book, so I think particularly well suited to 2-3 year olds.



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