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Have you ever heard of quiet books? If not, you are really missing out. They are one of the best things for little fingers and keep them busy, and importantly, quiet!

We came across the gorgeous selection over at Ollie & Mia and I fell in love immediately. They have a whole range to choose from, from dinosaurs to nursery rhymes and more. Even better, they have a variety of different price points, making them the perfect gifts for family and friends.

Vivi and Cassie were lucky enough to trial a book each, and they now come everywhere with us. They joined us at Nana’s birthday dinner, when we go to cafes, and even in the car.

Cassie and emotions

I initially thought the nursery rhyme book was going to be a big hit with Vivi, but turns out that one is Cassie’s favourite. She knows all the songs herself and loves going through each one. We learned little tricks along the way, like taking away each of the letters of B.I.N.G.O and clapping as we go, and Cassie loves this. She can play on her own, and also asks me to join in from time to time.

Every page has some new way for her to interact, and every day she does something different with it. They live in my handbag now for those all-important days out.

The other book we looked at was the big panda and friends. Once again, I thought this would be Cassie’s favourite, but Vivi just loves it and won’t let Cassie near it. There’s colour games, which are Vivi’s favourite at the moment – and buttons! I never even knew Vivi could do up a button on her own before I saw her playing with it. I asked if she needed help and she made it very clear she was fine on her own. There is also a fun magnetic under water game, a puzzle and much more.

Not only do these books keep your little one’s quiet, but they are so great for developing their fine motor skills. Every single page is stuffed full of so many things to touch, build, stick, pull, match and more. Kids won’t get bored, and the best part? Either will you. I love sitting down and playing with the girls and discovering something new each time we go through the books.

Go check them out and get your kids a gift that will keep on giving. Put those screens away and keep those fingers busy!


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