Reusable coffee cup

Frank Green – Reusable Coffee Cup

I can see you wondering…how does a coffee cup make my parenting life easier? Well, this amazing reusable coffee cup by Frank Green¬†doesn’t just look good, have great flow and help me do my bit for the environment, but it also ensures I get a hot, spill-proof coffee when I am on the go. I can throw it full of coffee into my nappy bag, or into the pram and not worry about a drop leaking out.

It has revolutionised my coffee drinking life. I no longer have to put my coffee on the ground at the park, or juggle a takeaway cup while pushing the pram because the push button top on this coffee cup means hot full coffee is accessible to me at all time.

The other thing is the award-winning design of this cup – it is Australian designed and made. It feels luxurious with a matt finish that is great to hold. And it goes in the dishwasher, meaning not only is it easy to drink from but easy to clean. I am such a convert I am also the owner of their water bottle – equally as stylish. If you are a bit of a geek you can also set up smart pay into the chip in the cup and you never even have to worry about taking your wallet to the park!



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