Revolving Bookcase – Bunny Tickles

We have far too many kids’ books in our home. I am not going to lie, my collection started before the kids were even here. I just love reading and wanted my children to have plenty of chances to fall in love too. I have tried to cull them over the years – very unsuccessfully. Instead, we have an upstairs bookcase, a downstairs bookcase AND a cupboard full of all the leftovers. Our home is a little overrun. Then I came across the Bunny Tickles Revolving Bookcase and I fell in love.

This is the thing a book lover’s dream is made of – a 360 degree home library. The bookshelf is at perfect child height, making it so easy for Vivi and Cassie to help themselves (and have fun spinning it too). Plus, it is made of solid wood and is just a stunning statement piece for any home. Our playroom is now complete.

But the best thing about this amazing bookcase? It holds up to 300 books! It fits all the leftovers in our cupboard and has room for plenty more. Just amazing! There are also fabulous detachable boxes that can be mounted on the side, which I have found perfect for storing some of our gorgeous book sets that were hidden away before. These boxes can also be removed to act as a hook for kids jackets. Finally, there is also a cute bear-shaped divider that you can choose where to place inside, so you can organise your books how you like. I just love the freedom!

Such a gorgeous, quality piece that will see us through the years.



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