Chekoh – Ring Sling

It is only with my second daughter that I have really been introduced into the babywearing world. Cassie hated been worn as a baby. We had an Ergo, along with a Moby wrap, and she just wasn’t a fan of either, so I gave up pretty fast. She loved the pram so we made do. Second time around, babywearing is a necessity. When Cassie wants to run outside, the pram is too heavy and big to cart around. When Cassie is running around at the park, the pram can’t follow. And so we fell into love with ring slings, and in particular, this gorgeous number from Chekoh.

It took me a while to get the hang of it the first time I wore a ring sling. I had a friend give me a demo, and from their I Googled video extensively. Now it is slowly becoming second nature, and Vivi just loves it. The gorgeous Jade colour was my choice. I am a huge fan of pastel colours and wanted a ring sling that would match everything – it’s all part of accessorising after all, which is exactly what this is. The linen/bamboo fabric blend is so soft to touch and Vivi was snug and comfortable right from her first wear (which was as soon as we picked it up from the post office). In true sleepy dust style, she was out like a light in minutes.

It is one of the comfiest carriers I have used. You can adjust it till you are comfortable on your shoulders, and if you have a nosey little baby like mine, they will love been able to turn their head and check everything out. She can follow her big sister with ease and keep up with everything going on around her (until the sleepy dust sets in, of course).

What’s great about Chekoh is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a firsttime babywearer or a seasoned pro, they will help you out. You can book a one-on-one video consultation with one of their in-house babywearing educators, or watch one of their many online tutorials to get you started.

Hopefully Vivi and I have a long babywearing journey ahead of us, as we both struggle to keep up with the big sister! The pram has not been forgotten, but luckily this wrap folds up so small that I can bring both out with me if need be! That’s a big bonus in my books.


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