Rope Basket – Bay Trader Co

If there is one thing I really don’t like – it’s clutter. And with kids – I feel that clutter is almost inevitable. We are big fans of IKEA storage units and toy boxes, where Cassie and Vivi’s things can be place out of sight, out of mind, and things can at least ‘appear’ tidy, while the chaos within stays only known to me. But I found there were other things we actually wanted on display, but we just had nowhere to put them, and that’s when I came across this gorgeous rope basket from Bay Trader Co.

The girls’ new room that they will share when we move is going to be pink, white and grey – the exact colours of this beautiful basket, so I can honestly say it was love at first site. The basket has been handmade by the very talented Liz, and she does an amazing job. It arrived in the post a little squished from the transit, but was able to be shaped and put to use straight away.

Think of all those pretty knickknacks you have accumulated over the years, the beautiful little dollies looking for somewhere to perch, or all your kids’ favourite things looking for a home – this rope basket is just perfect for that. Or, if you aren’t willing to share with the little troublemakers, it would sit nicely at your front door to store all your keys in as you come and go from the house. Easy!

Whether you are looking to sit it up high, or place it on the ground, this basket would work for either and could happily have toys spewing out of it into the floor. You will be able to both tidy up and brighten up any space with this quick fix it. We are just in love!




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