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My dear friend Flick had just had her 2nd baby and while she was insisting on no presents, when I stumbled across September Baby – I knew I had to get her a little something. Firstly, how perfect, she was having a September baby! Secondly, I could curate my own little gift pack for her. First time around you need a lot of things, but Flick was expecting a 2nd daughter, and I knew she still had a lot of gorgeous things for her. I wanted to get a little something for baby Vivi and a few things to spoil Flick with. September Baby had some beautiful gift ideas, and I could select what I wanted.  

It was as simple as 3 steps – Select your items, choose a card and write a message and press send!  

There is everything you could want, and all gorgeous quality, from toys, swaddles, organic creams and bath products for mum and bub, teas, silicon necklaces and teethers, breastpads and vegan chocolate.

Next time you don’t know what to buy someone, or you want to send a gift to someone in another state, or it’s a second + time mumma and you just want to spoil them a little (even though they have told you not to), check out September Baby for really beautiful hand selected gift packs.


When it came time to organise my baby shower for number 2, I insisted on NO presents for this exact reason. We had everything we needed for our second little girl and I didn’t want friends to feel obliged to head out and find something. Of course, some friends still insisted, and when Vivi was born, we received a beautiful gift pack from September Baby from Mel.

While I said there was nothing we needed for number 2, this pack was full of lovely things I wanted. There was a gorgeous wooden teething toy (this friend clearly knows my obsession for all things wooden), some tea to help build your milk supply (something I never would have thought of buying for myself) and some handmade breast pads – something I definitely didn’t need but love all the same. It is so nice to be able to put beautiful floral breast pads into my bra to stop the leakages, rather than the disposable ones I had that didn’t always do the job. 

The lovely box came beautifully presented I almost didn’t want to touch anything. I opened it up to find everything sitting perfectly placed on top, and could tell the care that had gone into the presentation, it was gorgeous. The box itself also makes a great place to store your keepsakes and is worth holding onto. It was the perfect gift, especially as a second time mum, and I love that most of the presents were focused on me. Those early days can be hard when you are feeding and waking around the clock, it is so nice to be treated in the process and know that people are thinking of you (and not just the gorgeous bundle you have produced). 

This is definitely something I will keep in mind when it comes to buying friend’s gifts in the future!


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