Sleepy Hugs – Baby Loves Sleep

It’s honestly amazing how entirely different two children can be. When I found out we were expecting our second girl, I automatically assumed she would be a carbon copy of Cassie. I couldn’t have been more wrong – not only do they both look entirely different (sure, you can tell they are sisters!), but their personalities are also such. When it came time to transition Vivi out of her sleepsuit with arms in – I figured it would be a breeze like with Cassie. It couldn’t have been further from the truth. I kept delaying and delaying, because it was taking her up to an hour to settle for sleep without it. Then finally I came across Sleepy Hugs.

Seriously, if you are having trouble making the transition with your baby, get yourself a sleepy hug. Vivi took to it straight away. While her arms are still covered, there is a lot of space for her to thrash them about. It really is the happy medium and it works perfectly for both of us. Vivi still feels nice and secure with her arms safely (and warmly) inside her sleepsuit, and I know if she roles in the night, she has plenty of room to stick those arms under her and push her head up. Plus, she looks so bloody cute in it as well.

There are plenty of different designs to choose from, so take your pick. And they also have hands in and out options for those older bubs, so you can choose which they are more comfortable with. I am feeling a lot less daunted about getting Vivi to completely hands-free overnight. It is going to be a breeze thanks to this swaddle!


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