Snapless Zipless Onesie

Romperoo – Snapless Zipless Onesie

I love a romper, in fact I would dress Reuben in them everyday if I thought I could get away with it. Finding rompers that are stylish, colourful and unisex is a big challenge. A lot of them are designed for small babies, or girls, so to discover the Romperoo snapless zipless onesie was a real game changer. Not only were the patterns colourful and unisex, it is practical for my little adventurer. It doesn’t matter if he is climbing, tumbling or scooting, everything stays in place. Reuben is a slim toddler, and so pants often fall down, and he is quite tall, so if he reaches for something a top will ride up. The onesie solves all these issues and more.

They are infinitely layer-able, so in summer he wore it as is, and as it got cooler we added T-shirts and then thermals underneath with a cardigan over the top so he could keep enjoying the freedom to move in every which direction. I think they look fine for a toddler, the fun designs take it out of small baby and into fashionable toddler, with images such as lions, rabbits, rainbow chevron designs and my favourites – anything featuring food prints, so pineapples and watermelons. I had to get the watermelon, as most watermelon designs are very feminine whereas this is a red tone, and totally unisex.

Now you ask…how do you get a snapless zipless onesie on? Well the reinforced neckline stretches allowing you to slip it on from feet up with ease, and then snaps backs in to hold its shape. This means changes are easy when on the go, or with a toddler who won’t lie down. Yet they are still made out of the softest cotton, meaning easy wash, and no sweating. The other benefit for us is Reuben is often in a cloth nappy, and this onesie has plenty of space for his nappies to fit. They come in a range of sizes from 6 months to 3 years. Keep an eye out for their new range to be released soon.


Snapless Zipless Onesie

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