Soft Sole Sandals – Elves in the Wardobe

The most exciting thing ever happened about a week ago now. Vivi started walking! This kid has been taking the odd step here and there for a couple of months now, with the whole family convinced she could walk and was choosing not to. Well, last week she stood up out of the blue and took a 30 second stroll around the room like she had been doing it for months. Cheeky thing! Which brings about the fun part – shopping for shoes! We found the most gorgeous pair over at Elves in the Wardrobe.

We believe in prewalkers until they have confidently been walking for a couple of months, but since she is at daycare and outside a lot, those prewalkers were a necessity for us. We have gone through a few pairs of moccasins that used to be Cassies, but Vivi just pulls them off in a second and they never stay on her feet. This pair of Gertrude and the King sandals ticked all the boxes.

They are nice and snug with elastic around her legs to keep the shoe on, which meant there is no easy way for Vivi to just pull them off. They are also nice and airy for the summer months, so her feet won’t get too hot. Plus, they are super cute on! I just love the colour, it matches almost all her outfits, which is very handy.


Turns out Elves in the Wardrobe stocks a wide range of fabulous items and we were also lucky enough to test out some Christmas crafts as well. Cassie and I sat down together and had great fun with their star set. We mixed and matched the colours and Cassie helped me thread the beads on top and they now hang proudly above her table. She calls it her Christmas wall and is very proud. I love how easy and mess free the activity was!


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