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Koud Stool – Ekokid Spaced In

Reuben loves to help out in the kitchen, and so when he was only a year old we built him a helper stool for the kitchen. He gets quite jealous if we let Angus (who has just turned one) use something that he views as his, so to get around this we were in search of a fun stool that Reuben could use in the kitchen while Angus used his large helper stool. Instead what we found was Ekokids products! A range of imaginative and playful kids furniture that is solidly built and will outlast our kids use, in fun designs that spark little minds. The Ekokid Koud Stool is made of 18mm white laminated plywood, making it sturdy and wipeable!

The stool is bright and smiley like my kids, and took under 3 minutes to put together. It is creatively crafted so that there are no nails or glue required, so the stool just pops together in 4 pieces yet is sturdy. It has become a prized piece in our house, with the kids fighting over it, and infact Angus used it to take his first steps, pushing it along our hallway! Reuben has been found sitting on it reading, and carrying it around by its little handles. Angus has been using it for standing and walking practice! The stool can be paired with a gorgeous table and make a great addition to any kitchen, bedroom or playroom.

Ekokid has a range of monochrome items including wall hooks in a range of designs and the tables and stools. Their items are easy to mix and match into your current furniture or perfect for a fun redesign. They are collectable pieces that will last your kids for years to come. I can’t wait to get a few more pieces so we can set both the boys up with their own stools and a table for them to play at and eat their breakfast at!

Ekokid Stool


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