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As first time parents you will probably first come across muslins either at your baby shower when you get gifted many, or in the hospital when they teach you to swaddle your baby. What you don’t yet know is that the reason you are gifted so many is that muslins are the perfect multipurpose baby and child essential. They can be used for just about anything – from swaddling, to an impromptu play mat, as a breastfeeding cover, to a carrier or pram cover, to a blanket. I often see people pushing they prams around with a sleeping baby covered by a muslin – to provide some shade, and I imagine the parents think that it will protect their bub from the UV rays – however muslin is not UV protectant, and being such a thin light material it is particularly ineffective. Except for Musluv – the Australian patented UV sun-cover that does everything a muslin does but better as it is rated to UPF 50+ to protect your babies delicate skin, while still being light weight so air can flow through.

As we were heading to Scandinavia in summer-time not only did we want little Angus to be protected from the sun, but as an extra bonus Musluv have a Sleep Time block out cover, the Charcoal Dreams Sleep Time Sun Cover – perfect for helping Angus or Reuben get a bit of shut eye with 21 hours a day of sunlight! In fact not only on this trip have I used the Sleep time sun cover on the pram for sleep time, but have also used it as shade, as a play mat, as a blanket, a breastfeeding cover in the bright sunlight and also to put over a window in a room that had no blockout shades!

The Musluv Sleep time cover has been an absolute essential on this trip, and I think in future it will make a unique present for me to gift to expectant parents. They have thought of everything as the Musluv covers also have ties in each corner so it is easy to attach to your pram or baby carrier without needing to carry around pram pegs or the like. They come in a range of gorgeous fun designs, plus the sleep time blackout sun cover.

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