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Moving is never a fun job – especially not with kids. But I do have to say there was one big upside to it for me. A whole new room to decorate for the girls. Cassie (2.5 years) and Vivi (9 months) are now sharing. Many people think I am crazy, as we have the spare bedrooms, but I love the idea of them being close to us (there are only two rooms upstairs), and to each other. It’s left me with an even bigger space to decorate and this I have loved. For her first birthday, we bought Cassie a beautiful handmade doll. She much prefers playing with her plastic ones, so I wanted somewhere to keep this one on display for her to cherish for years. When I saw the gorgeous Swing Shelf at Essentially Raw, I knew this would be perfect.

Honestly these shelves are perfect for anything and everything, whether you need a place to store precious ornaments, to hang headbands from, to keep jewellery away from little hands or even to tie bonnets and hats around (as I have done in the past). For us, it was the perfect swing for Cassie’s doll and we will eventually become home to her headbands. Made from wood, each one is completely customisable, and we chose the pink, white and grey beads to tie in perfectly with the girls’ bedrooms.

Cassie of course loves trying to swing her dolly (or at least try to) and loves the fact that her dolly loves swinging just as much as she does. This piece is absolutely timeless for the girls, so I know I can chop and change what we have one display to my heart’s content and I can see it lasting through a few rooms with us. There are also plenty more marvellous creations for you to check out over at Essentially Raw.


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