Micro Motorz

Teamsterz Micro Motorz

While these mini cars may be aimed at the boys, Cassie thinks they’re pretty amazing and even insisted we turn the TV off so she could run off and play with them (that’s big!). The Micro Motorz is a drifting car that comes with an awesome unboxing experience.

Inside there are three separate packs:

  1. A tuning tool that works with the car.
  2. A tuning accessory, such as a block engine or spoiler.
  3. The car itself and a launching plate.

The car comes contained in a display case that converts to the launcher, which is awesome, as when they are done playing you can prop it up on display and click the cases together to stack as well for easy storage. There are some small parts that come with the set, so this is a great idea.

The car in your pack (which is a surprise), belongs to one of four racing teams: Speed Demonz, Hot Rodz, Nitro Chargers and Monster Treadz. There is a sticker inside to show you which one your car belongs to.

For Cassie (3, almost 4), it was all about unwrapping the cars, discovering what’s inside and racing them against each other. She wasn’t too concerned about which one she got at this stage, she just wanted to get playing straight away.

The range is aime at 3 to 8 year olds, available for RRP$12.95 from Big W, Toyworld, Toy Mate, Kidstuff, NewsXpress and other leading independent toy stores.

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