Thermos FUNtainer

We go through water bottles like there is no tomorrow in our home. I can’t count the number we have had in the past few months alone. We have had the straw bottles that Vivi can’t work out how to use properly, the plastic bottles that have broken, the bottles that leak. You name it, we have tried it, and all without much success. That’s when we came across the FUNtainer from Thermos.

Cassie was so excited to receive this drink bottle, and was sold immediately thanks to the press button that flips the lid open and reveals the straw. I have to admit, I was just as excited as she was because it meant the bottle wouldn’t leak through my bag (as has happened with other products before).

I am that mum that often just packs one bottle with us for a day out and the girls share (we refill as we go!). So it is essential that Vivi is able to drink the the same bottle. Thanks to the shape of the straw, it is very intuitive, and for the first time ever, Vivi has learnt not to tip to drink – hold it down and you can drink right up! This is a HUGE turning point for us.

It also features a nice vacuum suction, which helps to retain the temperature of the water (or whatever you choose to put inside). Plus, it is durable! Our bottles get bashed about a bit when they travel with us, which is why I end up with leaks in my bag. I know we are pretty safe with the sturdy design of the FUNtainer.

They come in a variety of fun designs, as well as some great plain ones, to keep kids entertained.


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