Toddler Backpack – Skip Hop

Skip Hop has been making kids backpacks and accessories for many years, and not only are they fun, colourful and ridiculously appealing for toddlers and pre-schoolers, but they are also extremely functional. Angus is loving his Bee Zoo backpack – he took it on our holiday, and now has taken it to daycare. He very quickly would crawl over to the backpack to get his water from the stretchy side pocket, and the nice large front pocket was a great place to keep his favourite toys and some wipes easily accessible. The front pocket is insulated, so also makes the perfect spot to keep a few handy snacks.

The Skip Hop backpacks are durable, easy to wipe down when the kids spill something on them, always easy to find thanks to their vibrancy. The bags have padded, adjustable straps making it comfortable for littlies to wear the bags,and are small enough for a pre-schooler to carry their own things without problem, but big enough to hold a day’s essentials. There is a nice large name tag you can write on in the large pocket of the bag.

The beauty of the Skip Hop range is that if your child is in love with a particular animal or creature, then there is probably a backpack in that design. The original zoo range are still my favourites though! Reuben has the Giraffe backpack, lunchbox, drink bottle and cutlery! Angus currently only has the bee backpack but I can see that this is a great Christmas or Birthday opportunity to get more of the accessories from the range.

My favourite thing about the bee backpack is just how cute Angus is when he is wearing it! He is 13 months old, and so it is still on the big side. They do make a smaller bag with a harness attachment, but the big bag will give us more longevity, and allow us to use it for trips to Nanna’s house!



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