Toolbox Set – LB Baby Boutique

There is nothing Cassie loves more than ‘helping’. In fact, it often drives her Daddy a little crazy, because whenever he is home, all she wants to do is follow him around and help him do everything. From raking up the leaves outside to ‘fixing’ our toilet seats – Cassie isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Along the way we have collected many things: we have kid sized gardening gloves, a kid size rake, and more. But our all-time favourite has to be this amazing wooden toolbox set from LB Baby Boutique.

When I saw this online, I knew it was perfect. Both Cassie’s Dad and her Grandad have their own toolsets, and Cassie is forever wanting to play with them. We got her a soft set when she was younger – but this wasn’t of interest at all. When our toolbox arrived in the post, I hid it from Cassie until Daddy was home to play that weekend. They were both as excited as each other when they opened it up. This isn’t your regular kids’ toolset. It LITERALLY comes with everything and is made so beautifully. Even I got a little bit excited checking out the insides with them.

Daddy went through each of the tools, and showed Cassie his versions of them. They naturally both got to work straight away, but I know this time Daddy didn’t actually mind having someone shadow him. He loved being able to show Cassie how all the different tools work and having her mimic him as he went about his work.

I think I am going to have to get a second box to live over at the grandparent’s home, because as soon as her Grandad saw it, he wanted to take it! I think this is going to be a popular toy and it won’t just be the kids fighting over it!

Made from natural wood, this set is sure to last (even Vivi will get a play in a few years time) and I love the timeless look the bare wood gives it. I have never been a big fan of toys that come with lots of little pieces, but when you have somewhere amazing like this to store them, how can I say no!



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