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Toted Co – Little Boys On-The-Go Kit


We have done a lot of travelling over the summer holiday period, and we have quite a few weekends away to come. The one thing that has been consistent on all these trips is that I have forgotten to pack something!! I could blame this on Baby Brain, or it could just be the fact that I often pack last minute and forget things, even in our everyday bag for outings to the park or café! This is where I have found the Toted Co – Little Boys On-The-Go Kit invaluable. The top three things I forget to pack are a hat, sunscreen or entertainment of some sort, and Toted Co has this all covered for me.

Toted Co produces a great range of cotton printed bags for a range of purposes – from dirty laundry bags, library totes, neoprene swim bags to bags for helping you pack for a holiday such as makeup items, or chargers and cables, and most importantly handy little toy bags. They even cater to special little bags for your pets! The bags are easy to wash, and have a good size handle for carrying, the prints are fun and tell you what is in your bag!

They have then created kits for babies, girls and boys that mean when mummy forgets something important, hopefully the Toted Co – On the Go kit should have it in there. The Little Boys Kit contains a batman hero sun hat, Banana Boat Roll On Sunscreen, Wet Ones Grubby Finger Wipes, a colouring book with crayons, 2 mini tubs of PlayDoh and then a little emergency kit with bandaids and alcohol wipes. The bag itself is a batman themed tote, that Reuben has already pulled the contents out of so he can use it to carry around his diggers, and the Mini Playdoh which he has been using to make rocks out of for the diggers to carry. This is a great little gift or must have item to keep in the car or at the bottom of the nappy bag to ensure you are covered for every emergency when out and about. Throw a disposable nappy in there and you are good to go!


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