Mikoo Kidz – Travel Crayon Set

It’s a fact of life that we drag the girls with us everywhere. Our social lives haven’t stopped because we have kids. We still love to go out to cafes, head to friends’ houses for get togethers and go on holidays. The kids simply join us! This is why I was so excited to come across this gorgeous travel crayon set from Mikoo Kidz.

Cassie is now three years old and she has never been a big fan of the iPad. We have tried to encourage it here and there, but we also don’t want her sitting there like a zombie when we go out to cafes. Instead, we try to bring some other toys that she can play with while still being a part of the conversation and socialising. It’s a win-win for us. This crayon set is just perfect for that.

I let Cassie pick the set she wanted, and naturally she went with the jungle animals. These theme seems to be a favourite at the moment (we just had a jungle animal third birthday party). She was so excited when the crayons arrived and were actually shaped like the animals! In fact, instead of colouring, she had more fun to start with playing with the animals and using them as figurines.

We decided to test the book on a cafe date later that day and it worked perfectly. Cassie was entertained by the set from start to finish. Between colouring the pages, showing us all the different animals she had and the different noises they made and then zipping and unzipping the animals from their little pencil case, she had a blast.

We will definitely be packing this toy for our next plane trip away!


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