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Travel Kit – Kooshy Kids

We love travelling, from interstate trips to Fiji or just for a weekend away, Cassie has been spoilt in her three years. Just as much as we love travelling, we also enjoy going out with the friends to cafes and restaurants. This is why finding activities to keep Cassie entertained is high on the to-do list and I was thrilled when I came across the travel kit from Kooshy Kids.

Cassie isn’t big on the iPad, and when we are out and about, we don’t want her getting used to being handed a phone to keep her occupied. This giant travel kit has everything. The puzzle was the first thing she pulled apart. It is small, and so easy to pack, and she is just the right age for it. It is enough of a challenge to keep her occupied, but not so much she needs my help constantly. She quite happily does it over and over and over and loves the satisfaction of getting it right.

Stickers have always been a winner in Cassie’s eyes. It’s honestly the best way to get her to sit still. Add in a pack of crayons and we can sit at a cafe for an hour or more without hearing a peep from her (maybe with the bribery of a babycino as well. The Junior Gallery was also great, although she needed an adult close for that one, so perfect for on a plane trip.

If you are looking for a great way to keep the kids entertained and off devices, then this is it. It comes in a great see through bag (so you don’t have to tip all the contents out to find what you are looking for), is nice and compact and great for packing. We will keep filling up this bag each trip and cafe visit we make!


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