Treehouse – Lichee Toys

We love imaginary play in our home. It seems to keep Cassie entertained for hours on end (and requires little input from us which is a bonus). When we first got her a toy kitchen, we had no idea just how much use it would actually get – and still does today! Although, as Cassie gets older we have been looking to challenge her further and introduce more play ideas. When I came across the treehouses from Lichee Toys I just fell in love, and I hoped Cassie would too.

As I was setting it up (and trying to conceal my excitement), my husband thought I was nuts, and that it was all going to end back on the floor in seconds. All the parts come loose, and are only a couple you can secure to the big wooden board – but this is half the fun of it. Everything can be moved around, rearranged and set up to your liking – or should I say, Cassie’s liking. She took to it so quickly that my husband was soon eating his words. Her first play with it was for over half an hour, just sitting by herself with the gnomes and fairies doing all the talking. It was amazing to watch.

We have kept this toy on our dining table and away from the little hands of our 17 month old, and this has made it more enticing for Cassie. A toy just for her. Without fail, everyday she will ask if she can sit up and play with it, and I know she isn’t going to tire of it anytime soon. The best is when the baby is napping and Cassie sits up and plays while I get time to myself – such a win!

The toy itself is so incredibly made, I can’t do it justice. The stunning detail that has gone into it, and it has been crafted so well. Each one is made from recycled and sustainable timber in Vietnam. The timber used is mainly from the lychee trees (hence the store’s name). When these trees are no longer producing they are taken out and made into toys, while new trees are planted. I know this one will be around for years to come and all three kids will eventually get their turn playing with it, making it the best investment yet.

The gnomes and fairies that Cassie has to play with, actually have no faces. The idea behind this is that children can express themselves. I find this amazing!

Lichee Toys also sponsors Stars of Vietnam. This charity supports, teaches and houses 100 children who have been affected by genetic deformities from the effects of Agent Orange. They provide funds from sales, so you know each purchase you make is going to a great cause.

They also stock Koji Toys: a range of crocheted animals that have been made by disabled and disadvantaged women in the South of Vietnam. These gorgeous little toys make the perfect new baby present and you can find a character story for each one on their website!

Lichee Toys sells a range of amazing products, so be sure to check them all out.


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