Trunki – Ride-on Suitcase

We are off on our grand adventure to Scandinavia for a month – and Reuben keeps looking at all our luggage.. and wanting to help carry it. How do we resolve this – with a Trunki. We thought it might be a bit of a hassle, having a tiny suitcase to lug around -how wrong we were. Reuben rode his suitcase through Sydney airport, then it has the ability to be pulled, so we pulled him around Dubai airport. We opted for the Pirate ship Trunki as we were heading to Viking country! It seemed apt. It comes in a huge array of designs now- something to suit everyone, or you can go online an order a customisable one.

The trunki has a surprising amount of space inside and has been filled with Reuben’s toys, books and a change of clothes for he and his brother Angus and a few nappies, incase we lost our luggage Reuben and Angus were sorted for a day or two thanks to Reuben’s pirate ship. It easily fit under the seats on both domestic and international flights, and also in the overhead locker.

It came with a sticker pack, so Reuben was able to customise his pirate ship so that it looked unique. Covering it with anchors, parrots and other pirate paraphernalia – the stickers kept him occupied at the airport for a good 30 minutes. The strap can clip on to the luggage at either or both ends, so can be used as a pulley strap or as a shoulder strap for adults to carry the suitcase. The strap also has a small key on one end, that allows you to lock the clips at either end of the suitcase, which meant Reuben could not just burst his suitcase open at will.

It is fantastic that it doubles as a very fun toy as well as a practical suitcase, that I think will be fantastic not only on long trips but also as an overnight case for Reuben when we go to Nanna and Pop’s house for the weekend. Being away from home is hard, and Reuben has had moments of home sickness yet he loves that the Trunki is his own little piece of home with his blanket, comforter, books and toys.

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