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Tula Free to Grow – Baby Carrier

I love Babywearing! I started wearing Reuben when he was 5 days old and had just come home from hospital. I didn’t know much about Babywearing then, but at the time I thought it would be a useful tool for helping me get things done while being able to snuggle my little bub. My one carrier has turned into many – as we have progressed through various styles, types, designs and suited from newborn to toddler. Three short years ago most of the carriers on the market needed an insert to wear a newborn, which added bulk and made the carrier quite warm, and I was never a fan and bough fairly obscure carriers that didn’t need one. Fast forward three years and there is a wide range of carriers in the market that don’t need an insert, and Tula of which I had a standard for Reuben once he no longer needed an insert, now make the Tula Free To Grow carrier.

There is no longer a need to have 100 different carriers to get you from newborn to toddler as the Free to Grow has a fully adjustable seat ensuring the best fit from newborn to toddler age. It can be used for snuggley newborn front carries, and on our trip we have even used it to backcarry Reuben (who is probably a little tall for the carrier, but it still worked well). The Tula Free to Grow while still new on the market has already started releasing some gorgeous designs. We chose the Hide & Seek design which is a lovely leafy pattern – quite unisex and neutral meaning it goes with any of my or my husbands outfits!

This carrier has adjustable straps along with Perfect Fits Adjusters (PFA’s) on the shoulder meaning you make the height of the carrier shorter for when bub is small. The base is adjustable meaning it can take newborns from 3.2kg, up to toddlers up to 20kg. The waist band is generous so can fit someone slim to a larger build. It has a hood included that can be removed, but is perfect to protect bub from the sun, or to support their head while they are sleeping. Another great plus for me for the tula is that it has a little pocket on the waistband that fits my phone and keys, so if I am heading out for a short walk, or a quick trip to the shops I can just use that pocket! Also Angus looks very comfortable as the leg section of the carrier is padded!

To be honest I have a lot of carriers I love, and I didn’t expect to love the Free to Grow – but I do. I have brought it away on our trip without the need for any other carrier. We have had a lot of people on the trip ask us about the carrier as it is quite eye catching and Angus looks so happy and snuggley in it. I believe that Tula has listened to baby wearer’s everywhere to transition their amazing standard carrier into the Free to Grow which really has met every expectation and desire people could have in a carrier.

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