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Very Busy Bag

When it comes to entertaining kids while you are out and about, we are open to it all. Cassie is four and Vivi is 22 months, and they are used to joining me on brunch dates with friends, out to various appointments and, recently, on the plane. Being so little I don’t expect them to be able to sit still the whole time, which is why I always make sure I have plenty of activities on hand to keep them entertained. The Very Busy Bags are the perfect solution.

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I first found about these bags when I was planning our trip to Fiji. Four hours on a flight with two young kids and a baby was slightly frightening and I wanted to make sure we had plenty to do to keep them busy and occupied the whole way (and not disturbing everyone else!). Normally, I would go on the hunt through a department store, collecting bits and bobs that they might enjoy, but thanks to Very Busy Bags, I skipped this step completely, saving me so much time and thought in the process.

These bags are the perfect travel accessory and they come packed full of age-appropriate games and toys, so you don’t even have to lift a finger or think about anything. They cater from six months through to 12 years and their bags are just full of amazing products to keep little ones interested. We got the 3-6 year bag for Cassie and the 2-3 year bag for Vivi and it not only kept them occupied the whole way there on the plane, but any down time we had during the trip in our hotel room was spent playing with things from their bags.

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There was magic colouring books that had a special pen kids coloured with to reveal all the colours on the page, beads that could be threaded to make a bracelet, colouring books, sticker books, reading books, animal balloons that provided so much entertainment in the pool, playdough and so much more. Now that we are back home, I have packed them away in the cupboard, still in their bags, ready for our next item where I need to keep the kids entertained.


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