Babee And Me – Village Play Mat

Bringing a new sibling into a family is a really big deal. I was so nervous in the lead up to the birth of Vivi, and wasn’t so sure how Cassie was going to react to this new addition. Luckily she has surprised us all, taking it in her stride and accepting this squawking little bundle with hugs and kisses. That’s not to say there isn’t any jealously at all – Cassie is fascinated by all of Vivi’s toys. If I sit Vivi in the bouncer, Cassie wants a turn, if I dangle toys above her head, Cassie wants that too, if I lay Vivi on the play mat, Cassie is down there next to her. Sure, it can be sweet, but it isn’t long before Cassie starts telling me that Vivi is kicking her and needs to move. Explaining to Cassie that it’s not actually her toy never goes down too well. So we went ahead and got Cassie her very own play mat, and we haven’t looked back.

The village nursery play mat from Babee and Me is well and truly stunning. It is perfect for little babies, being fully padded with a soft organic cotton sateen top, while also great for toddlers, with the amazing pattern on top that inspires play. Since Vivi already had her own play mat, I decided this one would be Cassie’s and hers alone, so I popped it in her room while she was at day care. The moment she got home I sent her in and she jumped up and down with excitement. The matchbox cars were pulled out straight away and she immediately started playing. In fact, I couldn’t get her to stop for dinner, bath and bed! The first thing she asks for in the morning is her cars so she can get started again. We have a new winner for favourite toy in our house.

The mat itself it nice and big (much bigger than Vivi’s one which Cassie loves) at 120cm. It is made from certified organic fabrics and most importantly it can be machine washed (a big must in our home). Because it is so beautifully quilted, you can also flip it over and use the other side, but Cassie loves the track a little too much for that.

Vivi finally has her mat to herself, and an even bigger bonus for me, I can lose Cassie in her room for ages! It also gives her dad and me a much needed sleep in, as she is happy to jump out of bed in the morning, down onto the play mat and start playing. I am not sure what we are going to do when Vivi is old enough to join in – it’s going to be a tough lesson in sharing (or she might just need her own)!


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