WelliesAU – Raincoat

One thing I absolutely adore about watching Cassie grow up is seeing her personality really come to light. It’s no secret that I am a big girly girl myself, and I love picking out beautiful clothes for her to wear, and it seems that the older Cassie gets, the more she shares my love. Getting dressed in the morning is now a team effort. Sure, sometimes her look ends up a little mismatched by the end (we don’t always agree), but it’s lots of fun in the process. And the one thing Cassie is obsessed with at the moment is “jumpers”.

This can refer to anything from a cardigan, to an actual jumper, her winter jacket, and her new favourite: her WelliesAU raincoat. The one thing we both agree on is how awesome this raincoat is. Cassie loves because it is light and comfortable with a warm fleece inner lining, so she is protected from the weather, but is still able to get up to all kinds of mischief outside without feeling restricted like she does in some her coats. I love it because the black and metallic work so well together and add a bit of edge to her outfit – super adorable.

The velcro tabs over the zip also ensure she doesn’t go undressing herself in the rain (Cassie does love playing with her zips a little too much), and the hoodie is so cute on that it can be hard getting Cassie to take it off again when we get inside. Cute and functional, this is a great staple for any wardrobe that I am even hoping will see her through the next winter.


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