Frog Orange – Wetsuit Carrier

Summer time is all about trips to the beach and splashing in the pool. Our little family of four, recently went on a beach holiday up on the Central Coast. It was amazing and both girls had a great time, but I discovered one crucial thing – there was no way I could do it without Chris. Cassie is still a bit nervous around water, and Vivi is still getting used to it. Long story short, I just didn’t have enough hands to both hold Vivi and Cassie while encouraging them both to splash around and had some fun. That’s when I came across the amazing carriers at Frog Orange.

Made from 100% high quality Neoprene (or wetsuit material), this carrier is so simple to use and gives you your hands back in the water! I recently tried it at out a friend’s barbecue and it was perfect. I was able to gently ease Vivi into the water and get her use to it, before heading back to the edge and grabbing Cassie for a swim as well. I could hold Cassie out and encourage her to kick, teach her to blow bubbles, and even splash around with her, while Vivi watched on safely from the carrier, enjoying cooling off in the water.

This carrier is quick and easy to learn how to use as well – I had it on in no time at all and Vivi sat so comfortably in it. I can’t wait for our next beach trip, because I know it will be even more handy. No walking back and forth from the towels to place the baby down when your hands get sore, and no more juggling both the baby and toddler – especially when the waves come along!

We got so many compliments on the carrier at the barbecue – simple, easy-to-use and most importantly, so practical.


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