Whoopee Wooden Toys – Shape Sorting Dump Truck

Reuben is more than a little into all modes of transport, but especially diggers and dump trucks! So when looking for presents for his 2nd birthday we wanted to get some great educational and ideally wooden toys – and there is no better shop for this style of toy thanĀ Whoopee Wooden Toys. This online store has a great collection of wooden keepsake toys, that will become family heirlooms, and amongst these we found they stocked the Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Dump Truck. What a score!! Not only is it educational, but it can also just be used by Reuben as a truck, so we are both happy!

The Shape Sorting Dump Truck is definitely aimed at 2 years plus, as compared to some of the other shape sorters on the market, the shapes are quite small, and there are 9 shapes, so it is challenging. The colours are bright and the pieces are well made. The Dump Truck also comes with two figurines that fit into the cab of the dump truck, so he has been having some great imaginative play pulling them in and out while getting the figurines to put the pieces in the truck. Also there is obviously hours of fun just dumping all the pieces out, as the truck has a great range of movement.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this or anything else from the Whoopee Wooden Toy site, as delivery was fast, and the truck was well packaged. When you can use a toy to develop imagination as well as working on colours and shapes in a theme that appeals to your child i think it really is a win win, and i am sure this will be one of the toys from his birthday that will be played with for a long while to come.


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