Silver Cross – Wooden Dolls Pram

If there is one essential I knew Cassie needed in her life, it was a wooden dolls pram. They are timeless, beautiful and sturdy (important when there is a toddler in the picture) and this gorgeous one from Silvercross really does deliver.

I am not sure where Cassie’s obsession for dolls first came from. We bought her one for her first birthday and she showed zero interest (I know, she was a bit young). We kept it out for her, but still, she never clicked. Then one day, walking around a toy store, she saw a doll and insisted she had to have. With little self control, I bought it for her – after all, she had never asked for anything before! It was such a hit and soon I was picking her up from daycare and hearing that her favourite thing to do was play with all the dolls and put them to bed.

With this interest it was only natural for us to start looking around for a dolls pram. I wanted something that was not only subtle (so no bright patterns), but sturdy and would see its way through both girls. Sure enough, Cassie put the Silvercross pram to the test on day 1 and insisted on sitting in it herself. Have to admit, it was a funny site to see and, true the form, the pram could hold her weight.

Cassie now likes to take it everywhere with her. We have a lot of carpet in our house, which isn’t the best for pushing a pram around, so we like to take it outdoors where Cassie can really go for walks. We alternate our dolls now so they all get a chance to enjoy some sunshine, and occasionally we will squeeze two in there to make the most of it. We get lots of compliments on the gorgeous pram and I know Cassie and her sister will enjoy it for years to come.


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