Petals & Ash – Wooden Family Piece

As I approach the end of this pregnancy with the excitement of meeting my second little girl, I am also saddened by the fact that she will be my last baby. It is a decision that both my husband and I agree on for a large number of reasons, but it still pulls at the heart strings to think that while I was experiencing all the firsts with Cassie a few years ago, I will now be experiencing the lasts with her baby sister (I will be glad to be done with pregnancy for once and for all!). When I came across this gorgeous wooden family piece from Petals & Ash, I knew it was the perfect way to mark the milestone and commemorate my beautiful family.

I’m not going to lie, when I opened this in the post, I did shed a tear or two. It is just stunning and, more importantly, the perfect representation of my perfect family. It helped it sink in a little more that soon there will be another one to love and cuddle, and I can’t wait.

Having been through two miscarriages to get Cassie, I appreciate just how unique and special every family is and how much every family member holds a place in our hearts, whether they are Earthside with us or not. One of the amazing things you can put together at Petals & Ash, is a beautiful family piece that also features your angel babies. It is such a lovely way to remember them forever, and have them watching over you and your family.

For more gorgeous wooden decor, be sure to check out the rest of their store. You will have fun finding pieces that make the perfect shelfies and decorations in your little one’s room.


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