Wooden House Shelf – Opal & Rose

Between birthdays, Christmas, baptisms and more, the girls are constantly being spoilt with beautiful presents, and quite often these are sentimental things that we would love to put on display. But with a cheeky toddler who loves to touch and play with everything, we haven’t been able to risk it. That is, until we came across the gorgeous wooden house shelf from Opal & Rose.

Handcrafted from beautiful light natural pine, it adds a touch of Scandinavian style to your nursery and will pretty much match any design. The day I received it, I was able to open it straightaway and slip it into place on one of our wall hooks and it fitted in perfectly. It adds the perfect personal touch to Cassie’s room, placing some of her favourite things on display. There are so many memories stored on these two shelves, with our beautiful family wooden number, the fairy peg dolls from her first birthday, a rocking horse from her baptism, Peter Rabbit teacups that use to belong to me as a child, and a gorgeous boat ornament from the year she was born. These were all hidden away out of sight and reach of our curious toddler, but now sit proudly on display.

The ever-observant Cassie, noticed this beautiful new addition to her room straight away (I put it up while she was at daycare). “Look Mummy, Cassie’s new house!” After explaining to her that it was just to look at and no touching, she now comments every time she walks into her room and shares what she can see up there.

If you are looking for a beautiful, stylish and creative way to liven up your child’s nursery, this is the perfect way to go. There are so many gorgeous ‘shelfies’ out there for you to choose from, you could put together a statement collection, or tone it back depending on your style. The options are endless with this ever-lasting piece.


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