Memory and Number Blocks – Penny Lou

We are a board and card game house, we love playing them; and we have some games Reuben can join in on that he enjoys now he is getting a bit older. In contrast, we have Angus who is 18 months old and loves game board pieces! We keep losing all the little parts to our games as he toddles off with them and places them in different locations around the house. We have a few versions of memory, but when we saw that Penny Lou had a handcrafted wooden block version of the game we realised this could be a solution to our problems. The blocks are larger than small game pieces so harder for Angus to lose! Penny Lou custom designed the blocks for us with images of dinosaurs and transport vehicles to keep Reuben interested with some of his favourite things. They are multipurpose as we can stack them and build things with them, as well as match up the pictures!

Even more exciting for Reuben is we have been doing some maths and spelling hence we have a set of the Number blocks – he is very interested in the number 4 – he tells me that is his number as he is that old!

Number Blocks with images and dots

The blocks have a lovely smooth finish, and they are a great size for small hands. They come with a lovely calico bag to store them in. The memory block sets contain 16 dressed pine squares, with 8 matching pictures painted using non-toxic paint in your choice of colour. They are then coated with a natural beeswax for improve durability and longevity of the images!

Penny Lou has a whole range including birth date blocks, room décor, wooden toys and puzzles, making this a great place to shop for Christmas and birthday presents from newborns through to pre-schoolers!


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